Medicaid Planning and Applications

Many myths and misconceptions about Medicaid abound.  Let’s clear up two of them.  First, Medicaid won’t take your house.  Second, you don’t have to wait 60 months to qualify for Medicaid.  We are here to give you the right information and help you qualify for Medicaid benefits if and when needed.  


While private insurance and Medicare should cover most or all of your health care needs, it will not pay the exorbitant costs associated with long-term custodial care received at home or in a skilled nursing facility.  Unless you have the means to self-insure or obtain sufficient long-term care insurance, your assets must be exhausted before establishing financial eligibility for the Medicaid program.  


By planning proactively, you can protect your assets and become eligible for either the Community (home care) or Chronic (institutional) Medicaid program.  We can help you structure a plan so that you or your loved ones can age in place and safely remain at home. Depending upon your needs, the Community Medicaid program will pay for caregivers to come to your residence and take care of you for up to 24 hours a day.  However, if placement in a skilled nursing facility is the only safe and appropriate option, then we can help to reduce or eliminate the financial drain by protecting assets.  We want to help you qualify and apply for either program so that the costs will be fully or partially covered by the government.  The earlier you begin your planning, the more options you will have to protect your loved ones and your hard-earned assets.


The Medicaid infrastructure is becoming increasingly more difficult to understand and navigate.  Our Concierge Care Coordination® team works holistically and collaboratively with you, your family members and your other advisors.  Our attorneys have the experience to create the planning documents, implement the legal strategies and prepare the Medicaid applications.  Our social workers have the experience to guide you through the process, advocate on your behalf and help obtain the coverage you require and the care you deserve.




"We have been so impressed with the support we have received from Goidel

Law Group. From start to finish, they

were there to patiently explain our Estate Planning options and to answer our many questions. This is such an important decision and yet very complex with many options to consider. Goidel Law Group helped simplify our understanding by starting with a very basic description

of several ways to structure our Estate Plan."

~ Judy DeMarino