TLC™ and CCC® Maintenance Programs

After you have signed your estate planning documents or are connected to care services, we don’t dismiss you.  We want to have an ongoing relationship with you and your loved ones to ensure that your needs are met as your circumstances change.  Changes in your health, family, finances or the laws may require modifications to your legal documents and/or care plan.  To encourage you to remain proactive about your planning, we offer two optional annual maintenance programs:


Thorough-Lifetime-Complete (TLC™) Maintenance Program includes the following benefits:

  • Annual estate planning review meeting

  • Attendance at educational workshops

  • Unlimited phone calls with you, your loved ones and advisors regarding your planning

  • Review of documents with your agents and/or family members upon your disability or death

  • Word-processing changes to your documents as requested by you

  • Recommended modifications to your documents to reflect changes in the laws

  • Assistance with funding of additional assets

  • Access to LegalVault®, a secure site for document and information storage

  • Discounted fees for any required post-death services (i.e., probate or trust administration)


Concierge Care Coordination (CCC®) Maintenance Program includes the following benefits:

  • All of the benefits of the TLC™ Maintenance Program

  • Ongoing support and advocacy during care transitions

  • Updated assessments of your care needs

  • Unlimited phone calls with you, your loved ones or advisors regarding your care needs

  • 24/7 telephonic support during times of crisis

  • Referrals to our Preferred Providers for support services and resources

  • Annual recertification for Medicaid benefits (Community or Chronic)


The fees for these programs are extremely reduced and much lower than what you would pay for document modifications or services on an hourly basis.  Please contact us for more information about both programs.




"What [we] thought would be a stressful, anxiety-ridden experience in making out an estate plan turned into a very pleasant experience. Wendy was fantastic. She was very professional and knowledgeable, yet warm and compassionate."

~ Marie and Charles Salvietti