Veterans' Benefit Planning

Veterans and their surviving spouses who meet certain medical, financial and service eligibility requirements are entitled to Aid and Attendance benefits which are not dependent on service-related disabilities (referred to as “pension”). This Is separate from service-connected benefits (referred to as “compensation”). If you are suffering from cognitive or chronic conditions and require assistance with some of the activities of daily living, you can apply for benefits to help defray your living expenses, whether at home or in an assisted living facility. Unlike Medicaid, the VA benefit is directly paid to you to be used as you wish.


Through the creation of properly designed trusts, and In conjunction with VA service representatives, we help our clients become eligible for benefits. Since the financial eligibility requirements are different from those of the Medicaid program, it is Important to note that the typical Medicaid asset protection trust may not protect your assets for VA benefits. Thus, it is critical to work with an elder law attorney who understands the nuances.


Since you and/or your spouse provided valuable service to our country, let us assist you in obtaining valuable benefits to help you pay your bills and maximize your independence.



"Thanks to Wendy we were well informed as to how to proceed with our estate planning."

~ Frank P.