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Concierge Care Coordination® is a holistic practice model designed and implemented by the Goidel Law Group. It is a unique approach providing comprehensive, compassionate services to individuals and their families by seamlessly integrating care needs with legal planning. On the care side, you will have a dedicated care coordinator as your personal advocate, supporting you and your family as you navigate the aging process, manage a disability or cope with a chronic illness. This will enable you to maximize your independence, and when necessary, ease the transition to supportive care services while minimizing the stress and frustration typically experienced by family members. On the legal side, your trusted attorney will partner with you and other professionals to create estate planning documents and implement legal strategies to help you pay for your care.


Successful aging is the goal — we are here to help you every step along the way. Our Concierge Care Coordination® process is designed to CARE for you by:

Creating comprehensive, customized plans designed to reduce or manage the limitations associated with aging, disability or chronic illness.


Advocating on your behalf to enhance your well-being, independence, safety, and quality of life.


Responding quickly and efficiently to your needs, and remaining as trusted professionals by your side, ensuring there are no gaps in care by monitoring the plan and modifying it as circumstances change.


Educating and supporting you, your loved ones and other professionals who assist you with cutting-edge tools and resources to maximize quality of life and to provide peace of mind.

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